Sad News

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Hey guys I have some sad news.My papa died Saturday. 🙁  I really miss him.We are having his memorial on Saturday.Its kinda weird that we are having his memorial on the day he died.Why does life have to be so cruel? I hate death it takes away so many loved ones.We are only going to get his ashes back in 18-24 months.I mean man that is a long time to get ashes back.Well bye from a sad girl 🙁 

The Texas Trip was so much fun!

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The Texas Trip was so much fun! I loved it. My nana was my sponsor. She shared a room with me and Kat and Kady. Oh and miracle art does not need a life she is my best friend. My group got to eat at Whataburger.. Miracle art was in my group! Well talk to you later peace!!!!  



P.S Miracle Art does not need a life!!!!!! (fight me!)


texas trip

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I’m super excited for the Texas trip in 2 weeks! I’m going to be a reader. I hope. I wanted to be a Mexican dancer but sadly I didn’t get the part 🙁 . I cant wait for the trip. I went back to Dinsmore. How exciting that was. I missed dinsmore so much that I started crying. Dinsmore looks so old and dusty. Well peace 😎